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The effectiveness of MAX GROW electronic water treatment has been shown particularly on the use of high saline water (or water with high electrical conductivity) at the initial phase of our work.

American Farm School


We highly recommend MAX GROW electronic water treatment device, compared to any other water treatment device  system, not only for their exceptional effectiveness, but for the fact that they have been perfoming flawlessly till today with no additional cost at all.



…a specific example of the effectiveness of your system can be verified from the water pumps, which appeared to have lime scale deposits every 20 days…the maintenance department of the factory was obliged to stop the pumps and clean them from scale deposits using very strong chemical acid approximately every 20 days. After we installed your treatment system, the pumps function perfectly during the entire production process of sugar which lasts around 90 days. When the pumps are disassembled for maintenance reasons, no limescale deposits appear, meaning that they could function properly without any problems for a much longer time period.”



..we have been using max grow at least for the past 5 years….all the existing scale deposits were removed from all our equipment and machinery and from the first day MAX GROW systems were installed we did not have any problems because of limescale again. Especially the can conveyors were scale deposits used to form frequently forcing us to change them with new ones, have remained clean and scale free due to the use of max grow water treatment systems. Any white spots appearing on the cans’ surfaces have vanished….the effectiveness of the max grow system is indisputable…    



…with the present letter we verify that we have been using for approximately 10 years, the max grow electronic water treatment system…the devices are installed in numerous water circuits, were tremendous problems appeared because of the limescale deposits and the hard water we use in our installations. Max Grow has proved that apart from preventing the formation of new limescale, has successfully accomplished the removal of all the pre-existing deposits.    

Robinson Club Hotels


…with the present letter we would like to express our thanks to MG SALINITY SOLUTION LTD. for providing us with the electronic water treatment system “MAX GROW”. It has had astonishing results and we would recommend it to anyone in order to treat water with poor quality as well as to protect their installations.    



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