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Using high salinity water for irrigation has many positive effects, according to the physiology of plants. Some of them are the following. The hormone of growth (afxini) that the plant produces by itself in conjunction with calcium plays a key role.

Grape Root Comparison 2

Calcium is necessary for the proper functioning of the membranes acting as a second signal, activating or inhibiting the biosynthesis or the activity of enzymes, which regulate various growth processes and the general development of plants.


The above indicate that salt is necessary. It is obvious that the optimization of agricultural production depends basically on soil moisture conditions.

The role of calcium is multiple. It is a basic component of the cell plate. In conditions of low calcium levels, tissues are distorted and the plant is starting to die.
The vast development of electronics in conjunction with state of the art radio-wave technology and its applications has led to the biggest innovation in the world for the agricultural industry.
MAX GROW is an electronic device which dissolves totally all the calcium carbonate ions as well as nitrates and all other non-dissolving minerals in water, enabling farmers to use salty water or water with high electrical conductivity ( Ecw ).
salinity max grow


Our company specializes in developing electronic innovations for the water treatment industry having as a basis a cost-effective, environmentally green and highly efficient product philosophy.

  • MAX GROW is applied externally on the main water pipe, farmers use to water the fields, without making any type of alteration, without the need of special tools or skills.
  • It uses electricity, having very low energy consumption. It has zero maintenance, does not require any filters or the addition of chemicals or any human operation.
  • It does not produce waste water and has an unlimited life span.
  • The technology is based on the transmission of constantly altering variable radio- wave frequencies which have the ability to dissolve all the ions in water that form deposits inside the irrigation system and the soil. The development of these deposits, especially in the soil interfere the plant’s growth and bind all the nutrient minerals which are essential for the plant’s health and growth.


One of the biggest competitive advantages of MAX GROW electronic water treatment system is that it removes all the existing lime scale and salt deposits not only from the piping network but from the soil as well, thus decreasing radically the electrical conductivity of the soil.

This phenomenon enables the increase of evapotranspiration of the soil allowing the plant to receive freely all the nutrient minerals required for its full growth.

  • MAX GROW removes all the existing calcium carbonate deposits, enabling the plant to maximize its growth and achieving optimum excellent quality of the crop.
  • It increases crop production by up to 50 % and minimizes the use of excessive watering.

AMERICAN FARM SCHOOL of Thessaloniki Certification

MAX GROW is certified by the AMERICAN FARM SCHOOL of Thessaloniki through an extensive scieentific on-the-field research.

Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki Verification

The effectiveness and the benefits of MAX GROW electronic water treatment system is scientifically verified by the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki and particularly by the department of soil and water resources after an extensive on the field research. Furthermore MAX GROW was excelled as an innovation for the farming industry by the American-Hellenic Chamber Of Commerce in “make innovation work competition”.