MG SALINITY SOLUTION LTD.  was invited by the AMERICAN-HELLENIC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and the GREEK STOCK EXCHANGE MARKET to the 2nd GREEK INVESTMENT FORUM that took place at the 5th and 6th of June 2013, in New York at the Plaza Hotel. The scope of the forum was to highlight and present innovative products to the U.S. market in order to attract investors and promote business partnerships.

The selection of the companies from Greece that participated at the forum was made according to their evaluation, implemented during the “MAKE INNOVATION WORK” competition. M.I.W. competition was organized last year for the first time by the AMERICAN-HELLENIC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

MAX GROW was one of the innovative products that excelled both as an innovation and due to the benefits that offers to the end user.

Among the many important business people and economists that participated at the forum was the Greek Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Staikouras, the President of the Greek Stock Exchange Mr. Lazaridis and the President of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce Mr. Grammatidis. We are thankful that they gave us this opportunity to present our company to the United States and establish strong relations with many potential business partners and investors.