The most effective solutions are often the simplest. MAX GROW is an electronic water treatment system using multiple transmissions of radio frequencies in three different frequency bands simultaneously ( ULF/LW/MW ) to tackle the problems caused by saline water and water with high concentration of calcium carbonate ions commonly known as limescale.

The benefits

The cutting edge electronics ensemble generates up to two million pulses per second in a constantly altering transmission bandwidth, enabling MAX GROW to dissolve all the ions of the metallic salts, particularly the ions of calcium, carbonate, nitrate and sodium, altering their given by nature, electrochemical charge.

Max Grow is included in the list of innovations of the United Arab Emirates Agriculture and Food Safety Authority


Accredited innovation by the American-Hellenic Chamber Of Commerce

In Agriculture

MAX GROW is an electronic water treatment system using multiple transmissions of low radio frequencies to tackle the problems caused by saline water.


In Industry

All natural substances are soluble in water except calcium ions, which when heated and in particular over 65 degrees Celsius is transformed into calcium carbonate.



Max Grow was awarded as one of the three most innovative technologies for agriculture in “Make Innovation Work” competition that was organized by the AMERICAN-HELLENIC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.


``If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration``Nicola Tesla

Why is calcium carbonate insoluble in water ?

In order for an ionic substance to dissolve in water, its ions have to be solvated by the water molecules and the ions separated in water have to have a lower energy volume compared to the energy they have when they are in solid form.

How does MAX GROW work?

It is very important to note that the device does not cause deterioration of the chemical composition of water, so it remains drinkable and chemical additives are not necessary to use.

How can MAX GROW electronic water treatment system give a solution ?

MAX GROW increases the level of solvent capability water has in order to dissolve all the existing deposits that calcium carbonate has created. This is achieved by transmitting radio waves, in continuously changing frequencies.

MAX GROW is smart, simple and effective

Installing “MAX GROW” does not require cutting water pipes or engineering skills. It can be installed by an unskilled person, as it is attached with high quality clamps which are placed on the pipe, wrapping the wires left and right -the antennas for the radio wave transmission- of the device using electrical adhesive tape. .